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iPad Cat Games

cat playing ipad gamesAs we know, the Cats are cool and all, so you have never seen a cat would like to play games on your iPad, right? Maybe that's because there is no suitable iPad cat games for your furry friends. If your cat is the pampered sort that has everything, it's the right time to get your feline its own iPad and play iPad cat games now. There are a line of games on the tablets just for cats on the Internet. After you choose the right iPad games for your cat, you will see your cat in all their gaming glory on iPad.

There are plenty of videos of cats playing with iPads on YouTube of course, but I think this is the first time that they've had their own game created for them. The following passages will recommend the top 3 iPad games for cat to you. Just choose the your cat's favorite iPad cat game for it.

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Top iPad Games for Cats

iPad Cat Games No. 1 - Game For Cats

Game For Cats is free and like most of these cat-apps, it engages your cat's hunting instincts, in this case by chasing a laser-pointer-dot as it darts about the screen in a random fashion. When kitty manages to whack the dot, it makes a noise to reward the capture. Free the mouse and then you can chase it! Cat's love this adorable little mouse and he doesn't mind either. This crazy fast action packed game will keep your cat (and your guests) entertained for hours.

ipad cat games-1

iPad Cat Games No. 2 - Catch The Mouse Cat Game

A very simple little cat entertainment game with "real mouse sounds" (as my cats call them). See how many times your cat can catch the mouse. A counter will keep track of your cat's scores. It extends the prey selection to rats, frogs, spiders and that long-time natural enemy of the domestic feline - the ping-pong ball. This iPad cat game has been tested by our real cats, and they love playing it. So if you have any complaints, please complain to them!

ipad cat games-2

iPad Cat Games No. 3 - Cat Fishing

Well, you know every cat likes to get fish on its own. Maybe your cat’s dream is just to get her paws on some fish. Now the new Cat Fishing game designed especially for cats will help her realize her dreams. It's a free iPad game for cat. Tap "start" and get ready to watch your cat go for the catch of the day. The more your cat catches, the more challenging the game gets.

ipad cat games-3

Now we have introduced all the top 3 iPad games for cat to you. Here we want to remind all the iPad users that although leaving your iPad switched on to entertain your cats might seem like a really cool idea, there are one or two drawbacks to abandoning an expensive piece of hardware to your kitty. You cat doesn't care about your iPad and may now have the mind to protect it at all. Whatever, have fun with your furry friends!

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